About Velvet Touch

What is Velvet Touch®?

Velvet Touch® is a breakthrough method in hair removal, which was developed especially to overcome the existing problems in removing unwanted body hair. After years of research and development we have invented a worry-free and trouble-free approach to have silky smooth skin all the time. Velvet Touch® is a beauty treatment and natural therapy for body hair with endless benefits. 

Natural Hair Removal

Velvet Touch® is a 100% natural. It removes hair by destroying it at the base, closest to skin and retards hair growth. Prolonged use will reduce hair thickness and regrowth, leaving hair softer and easy to remove. It stimulates the blood circulation through the skin surface tissues while the circular rubbing motion massage assists in proper blood circulation. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and removes surface oil so that your skin feels soft and fresh all the time. 

How to Use Velvet Touch®

Velvet Touch® is uniquely designed in the shape of a mitten. Just slip it on the hand and gently, quickly remove unwanted hair from legs and arms perfect for women concerned with good grooming who want a faster, convenient method without the fuss of razors and chemical lotions. Velvet Touch® is not only a hair remover but a great exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and bristly regrowth. Massaging the skin with a circular motion while removing the hair will cause the blood to flush smoothly in the skin which will help give you healthy looking skin. 


  • Do not rub hard but gently and massage in a circular motion
  • It is good to apply some cream or lotion as the dead skin once removed will easily absorb the cream.
  • Velvet Touch mitten can be used up to five times if cleaned and kept according to the instructions. For best results replace after 2 uses. 

100% Natural Hair Removal

Velvet Touch is 100% natural. It removes hair by destroying it at the base, closest to skin and slows growth.  Prolongued use will reduce hair thickness  and regrowth, leaving hair softer and easier to remove.