Natural Facial Hair Removal - Depy Face

Natural Facial Hair Removal - Depy Face

Discover the secret of millions of women around the world. Depy Face gently massages away unwanted hair, leaving your face hair-free and silky smooth. Depy Face is easy to travel with and can be used between waxing, shaving, or chemicals. 

Unwanted facial hair can be embarrassing and leave you feeling less than confident. Avoid harsh products or dangerous chemicals on your most sensitive skin. A natural facial hair remover is the best solution for top results. Use Depy Face and feel confident about not only the removal product choice but the results you’ll see time after time. Gentle enough for frequent use and ideal to take on the go for business trips or vacations.


  • All natural
  • Pain and risk free
  • Take it On-the-go


100% Natural Hair Removal

Velvet Touch is 100% natural. It removes hair by destroying it at the base, closest to skin and slows growth.  Prolongued use will reduce hair thickness  and regrowth, leaving hair softer and easier to remove.