Velvet Touch Hair Removal System

Velvet Touch Hair Removal System

Your skin is soft and delicate, why abuse it with harsh razor blades, chemicals or painful waxing? Discover a hair removal system that works naturally to remove unwanted body and facial hair while exfoliating your skin. The end result is smooth, baby soft and hair free skin after every use. Easy and mess free massaging buffers remove hair at the base leaving your skin beach ready. Enjoy all over smoothness with the combo pack including a facial buffer and classic body buffing mitten. 

  • For face and body
  • All Natural, no chemicals
  • Exfoliates skin
  • No mess
  • Pain-free
  • Great for travel and touch-ups


100% Natural Hair Removal

Velvet Touch is 100% natural. It removes hair by destroying it at the base, closest to skin and slows growth.  Prolongued use will reduce hair thickness  and regrowth, leaving hair softer and easier to remove.