Natural Hair Remover Mitten

Natural Hair Remover Mitten

The fast and gentle way to soft, hair-free skin. 

Discover for yourself this revolutionary, all-natural treatment that makes traditional hair removal products obsolete. Say goodbye to knicks, stubble, harsh odours, and discover the secret of millions of women around the world. 

Unlike painful tweezing, waxing, razors, or harsh chemicals, the Velvet Touch mitten gently massages away unwanted hair and leaves your skin feeling, silky, and smooth. It is infused with the soft scent of cucumber and melon, and is also coated in Aloe Vera to help protect your skin from sensitivity. 


100% Natural Hair Removal

Velvet Touch is 100% natural. It removes hair by destroying it at the base, closest to skin and slows growth.  Prolongued use will reduce hair thickness  and regrowth, leaving hair softer and easier to remove.